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The laboratory in our oil terminal has last generation equipment, as well as professional analysts from the well known quality control multinational BUREAU VERITAS, They control the quality and analyze our products.

Following the national and international standards of the industry, we offer a broad range of oil analysis:

Naphta: appeareance, color, density at 15˚C, alcohol content, vapor pressure REID, RON, MTBE, Sulfur content, distillation curve, benzene content, aromatic hydrocarbons.

Diesel: Color, appearance, water and sediments, density at 15˚C, viscosity, cetane index, cetane number, aromatic hydrocarbon content, biodiesel content, sulfur content, distillation curve, cloud point, runoff point, flash point.

Biodiesel: appearance, acidity, density at 15˚C, viscosity, cloud point, runoff point, flash point.

Alcohol: appearance, color, acidity, density at 15˚C, alcohol percentage.

Everything is certified by BUREAU VERITAS, who guarantees integrity, accepted and valued by the international community.

We currently have 3 oil tankers: DOÑA ANNETTE, DON JUAN, and DON LUCHO. Each one with the capacity to transport 3,500 m3 of load of 10 ‘of draft.

Don Lucho

Doña Annette

Don Juan

Truck loading area

In Villeta we have 5 loading islands and 10 loading bays that allow the simultaneous dispatch of up to 10 truck tankers.


We have a reinforced concrete pier on the Paraguay River, with 4 independent lines of 8 and 6 inches respectively, prepared for reception and dispatch of fuel and vegetable oil.

Truck loading area

We have 3 loading islands and 6 loading bays that allow the simultaneous dispatch for up to 5 truck tankers and 1 to unload products.


There is a reinforced concrete pier on the Paraguay River. This is made up of 2 levels. For the mooring of crafts, the pier has 2 docking dolphins.

There are 3 lines, of which 2 are for the discharge of Ø6 “products, one for diesel fuel, and the other for naphtha. There is also 1 Line of Ø4 “for bunkering services.